Who’s Who at Your C U?

Credit Union Staff:

Lori Astleford, Manager and Loan Officer – Joined the staff in April 2015. Lori assists our members and staff with funds management, lending activities, monthly and quarterly reports, and more, utilizing her decade of banking experience. She also offers individual financial counseling to members.

Char Jordan, Head Teller – joined the staff for its opening as a member service representative in January 2014. Char was promoted to head teller. With her advanced experience she helps resolve member account issues, processes loans, and trains CU staff.

Lori Littlewolf, Member Service Rep – has worked at the Vermilion branch since July 2014. She helps members with transactions, loan applications, making payment arrangements, and finding answers to Member’s questions.

Rick Deatherage, Member Service Rep – joined the staff in February 2017. Rick assists members with transactions, loan application processing, and answers a variety of questions. He also assists with credit union projects.


Volunteers are the life force of our credit union. They donate their time to attend to credit union business as well as increasing their knowledge of how to best balance the economic environment, regulatory requirements, community needs and desires for financial services and building financial strength to assure our credit union is able to do its best for our members. All of these people are also charged with keeping your, and the credit union’s financial details confidential and secure.

  • Donna Hoffer, Director and Board Chair – joined the board in March 2016. Her experience in policy making and human resources, along with her education is a great asset to the credit union. She recently became Director of Health and Human Services for Bois Forte.
  • Kim Greiner, CPA, Director and Treasurer – has been closely involved with our credit union since it was in the idea stage. She joined our steering committee in2010 when the first work to bring this idea to reality began. Kim’s professional experience and education is necessary to our credit union. Kim is the CFO for Bois Forte RTC.
  • Ronette Novak, Director, Vice-Chair, and Credit Committee Chair – has been involved since 2010 when she joined our CU’s steering committee. Her positions on the board and credit committee play a vital role in our lending programs. She is a tribal government accountant with 20+ years of financial experience.
  • Mari Barto, Director and Supervisory Committee Chair – was elected to our board in the spring of 2015. Mari serves as chair on our supervisory committee and works closely with auditors and NCUA examiners to ensure the credit union is compliant.
  • Leanne Hoffman, Director – joined the board in March 2016. Her experience with the youth and education is an asset as we offer various financial education classes and workshops. She is the Education Programs Technician for Bois Forte.
  • Eddie Chavers, Director and Credit Committee – joined the board in March 2016. His past experience with loans and credit is a great benefit to the Credit Committee. He is the Manager of IT and his knowledge and education in the area of IT is an asset for the credit union.
  • Corey Strong, Director – was elected to the board in March 2017. He was involved with the startup process prior to opening in January 2014. Corey is the Executive Director for Bois Forte and brings a strong education background and financial knowledge to the board.
  • Brad Anderson, Supervisory Committee – has served on the credit union’s supervisory committee since it was first formed in 2012. Brad is the CFO for Fortune Bay and his professional experience enhances the effectiveness of our volunteer Supervisory Committee to complete its regulatory requirements.
  • Andy Datko, Credit Committee – has served on the credit committee since March 2015. His business background and knowledge of finances, credit, and loans serves us well in our loan approval process. Andy is the Director of Planning and Community Development.
  • Laura Larson, Supervisory Committee – has served on the Supervisory Committee since March 2016. She is a program accountant for Bois Forte and her experience and attention to detail is well appreciated in her role to provide audit, regulatory, and compliance services for the credit union.