How to Open an Account

  1. Government-issued ID (driver’s license, tribal ID, passport, etc.) and a second form of ID (i.e. social security card, credit card)
  2. Official piece of mail to verify your address (i.e. power or cell phone bill)
  3. Need to know your social security #, but do not have to bring the actual card unless you are using it as a second form of ID or opening an account for one of your children.
  4. If you decide to, who you will name as the beneficiary or POD (Payable Upon Death) on your account
  5. Sign the account agreement papers and keep the copies given to you. Also be sure to keep the copies of the written account disclosures.
  6. You will receive your account #; make sure to keep this number in a safe place.
  7. Make your first deposit into the account. The minimum balance required to open an account is $10.00 (this is not a fee).

For those opening an account outside one of the physical offices:
For security purposes, please contact NEFCU directly about account opening inquiries at or call NEFCU Staff.